For as long as I can remember, I’ve been speaking, hosting or performing.  From public speaking to acting, and radio and television hosting, my experience has been varied and given me an opportunity to grow professionally and meet some amazing people along the way. 

Now, I’m focused on creating content through my own media company, Solsei & Co, that creates experiences and leaves you better than when you started.  Check out my shows (and some appearances) below!

Damn Kim! • Podcast & Web Show


Damn Kim! is an engaging, buoyant and authentic evening show hosted by Kim Brio. Whether discussing current events, interviewing some of today’s most successful or discussing the real talk nitty-gritty of some of life’s issues, Kim will bring her unique personality and experiences for a one of a kind podcast experience.





Brand Bites with Kim Brio is an audio podcast geared toward entrepreneurs and individuals looking to grow and build a strong brand in today’s complex world.  Lending real advice and strategy in a real way, Kim delivers tips to help you along the way while offering hard-hitting advice created to formulate immediate change.



Black Souls Lost • The Podcast


Black Souls Lost is a podcast created to examine the lives of lost blacks in America. From well-known cases to those less known, Kim Brio will dive into getting to know and celebrate the soul of the lost and reviewing the timeline and cause of the tragic event.

Topics explored will include gun violence and social injustice at the hands of law enforcement. BSL will also seek to find initiatives that create change and influence action within and for the black community.


Launching Summer 2020